We Work on All Kinds of Sod Repair Projects

Having spots of dry and brown grass can take away from the remaining green, thick, and full grass in your yard. You can repair your grass in a number of ways, and it can be as simple as changing the mowing and watering routine. In some cases, you might have to dig out the dry and brown patch and install new sod. There are different kinds of grass species, and some of them take more time to green in the spring, while others may require extra water to stay green. With sod repair, you can quickly get the ideal look for your landscape that you want.

Maintaining Your Green Grass

When working on the sod repair services, we will remove patches of dead grass and the dead sod. Our landscapers will dig up the soil and turn it over. The sod may have died due to too much fertilizer. In this case, we will water the area to wash the fertilizer salts from the soil. Compost will be added, and we will rake the soil smooth and water again. To complete the repair process, we will spread grass seed over the moist soil or install new sod based on your preference. We are expert landscapers in LaBelle, FL that can complete the repairs for you so that you have a beautiful and thriving yard. Patriot Sod of SWFL LLC makes sure to tend to the job in a proper and precise manner so that you have a thick, full, and green landscape.

Reliable Services You Can Trust

Patriot Sod of SWFL LLC is a company that specializes in providing clients with reliable landscaping and sod repair services. We work with clients in LaBelle, FL to bring their ideal vision for a landscape to life in no time.

If you need to improve the look of your sod, give us a call at (239) 307-6141 now and schedule your appointment!